IR Thermometer

Digital infrared thermometer with LCD Display.

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Nitrile Gloves

Comfortable, super soft flexible powder free nitrile gloves provide added safety in many applications.

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Surgical Mask

Fluid resistant, dust proof, windproof. Soft Light weight material. Comfortable pressure of the mask on skin, latex free ear loop.

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Health and Hygiene Products

Order your protective gear including KN95 Masks, Tyvek Suits, and Isolation Gowns.

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We focus on performance and productivity gains

Supply Chain Education

Supply Chain doesn’t have to be daunting! We offer online education resources that can help you launch your very own physical products and grow your business.

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Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chains today are globally interconnected and complex with many entities working in collaboration to efficiently source and deliver products to customers.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) includes all the activities that must take place to get the right product in the right hands, in the right quantity at the right time.

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Medical Products

Global Supply Solutions for the Health Care & Wellness Industry

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Blogs written with organizations in mind

It is Important to Know Your Competitors

One of the most challenging aspects of putting up a business is dealing with competitors who want to get a share of your market. But this is one of the realities in business that you have to deal with so strategizing even at the start of your operations is important.

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Achieving Operational Efficiency

When learning how to best grow your supply chain you may come across the term operational efficiency.  Operational efficiency is the capability to deliver products to customers in the most cost-effective manner possible in a high quality manner.

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Using SWOT Analysis To Improve Your Business

Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of a business is a well-established tool that is widely used by academics, consultants, and advisors. Although it is a simple concept, business owners often struggle when trying to use it.

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What is Supply Chain Management

Answering the question of what Supply Chain Management (SCM) starts with breaking down the phrase into its component parts. Supplies are those inputs that a company relies upon to produce the product that will ultimately reach its customers.

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Here's what our clients say about Global Chi

Ogechi is a professional, supply chain subject matter expert with strong connections across the globe. Her expertise supported identification of impactful supply chain opportunities at our hospital. She partnered with our team to launch new products that will drive substantial cost reduction and grow profit margins.

Deddrick A. Perry Co-Owner CHIPSA Hospital

Global Chi provided us with one of the best vendor experiences in our company’s history. After being told by other companies that I’d have to settle for a higher cost, lower quality product, Global Chi intervened and swiftly delivered a superior and cheaper product. They have a vast international network, great customer service and a passion for making things better. Bringing products to life is an innate skill for Global Chi. I’m very thankful for our partnership, their unmatched expertise and professionalism.

Courtney Hale Founder Knowledge Bank

“Serving Customers Across the US”